Korea Environmental Remediation Technology Co., Ltd.

Leading the Market with Soil Remediation Technology… “Speeding Up ESG Management and Carbon Neutrality”

Source : The Dong-A Ilbo

Publication Date : 2023.11.13 03:00

[Small Giants Lead the Future] Korea Environmental Restoration Technology Co., Ltd.
Securing Competitiveness in Contaminated Soil Remediation Business
Restoring Sludge Waste into Soil Resources… Developing Inorganic Coagulants to Reduce Waste
“Achieving Carbon Neutrality to Combat Climate Change… Aiming to Develop Solidification Technology for Dredged Soil”

충남 천안에 위치한 토양반입 처리장.
Soil Treatment Facility in Cheonan, Chungnam.

Korea Environmental Restoration Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that has secured expertise in the design and construction fields for restoring contaminated soil. It provides environmental consulting for preventing soil contamination at gas stations and oil handling facilities. Established in 1995, a year before the Soil Environment Conservation Act was enacted, the company is recognized for possessing the best technology in the country for treating soil contaminated with oil and heavy metals.

Hee-Chul Choi, CEO of Korea Environmental Restoration Technology, has studied soil restoration at major domestic universities and has strived to elevate the level of soil contamination research in Korea. Recently, the company has been continuing its existing work while striving to meet the global trend of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards and has made special efforts to play a leading role in achieving carbon neutrality in response to climate change.

Major Milestones of Korea Environmental Remediation Technology Co., Ltd.
  • September 1995: Established Korea Environmental Restoration Technology Co., Ltd.
  • January 2006: Designated as a registered soil remediation organization
  • October 2006: Established Eumseong soil treatment facility
  • November 2007: Established Corporate Affiliated Research Institute
  • May 2008: Received Inno-Biz certification
  • August 2009: Certified as a venture company
  • October 2012: Expanded Eumseong soil treatment facility
  • May 2014: Installed soil washing facility at Eumseong treatment center
  • December 2015: Developed soil conditioner and solidifier
  • June 2019: Installed Cheonan soil treatment facility
  • September 2019: Expanded storage at Eumseong treatment center
  • July 2020: Won the Korea Construction Environment Technology Award in the Soil Remediation category
  • September 2020: Installed soil washing facility at Cheonan treatment center
  • December 2021: Certified as a family-friendly company
  • June 2022: Installed heat desorption facility at Cheonan treatment center
  • January 2023: Expanded storage at Cheonan treatment center
Enhancing Expertise in Environmental Work

CEO Choi stated, “We aim to establish ourselves as the leading comprehensive environmental company in Korea while continuously innovating and growing through revitalizing existing businesses and discovering new ventures.” True to his commitment, the company is accelerating its growth by enhancing its expertise and expanding various projects in the environmental sector.

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